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Ancestry.com (free/$$$) is a commercial program for the beginner as well as the professional.

The LDS Genealogy Centers around the world also use the "paid version" of Ancestry.com (provided free to all) but it is more of a generic tool while visiting the genealogy center.

Serious genealogists usually have their own personal paid account at Ancestry.com so they can research from anywhere at any time, night or day, using any computer, mac or pc.

Some families use Ancestry.com as a unified research platform
as they collaborate internationally. They can store pictures and research on the site itself.


The familysearch.org [an lds/mormon website] (free) can also research and save documents pictures and information for your genealogy.

Each year familysearch.org is EXPANDING it's ability to become an international research platform.

The familysearch.org is sponsored and operated by the LDS (Mormon) church but non-members are invited to participate and create a log-in username and password to use these tremendous resources for family search, family tree creation and even family fan printouts.

This is all at no charge.



Find A Grave.com is an excellent tool to find ancestors and discover information and research into the past. Pictures, headstones, and obituaries are listed on many of these memorials. It is a free site and has many levels of participation in remembering the past. Many friends and family are invited to be part of this tremendous site.


Have everyone in the family place things regarding pictures, newspaper articles, gifts, and anything that would be releated to genealogy in an empty box. Keep the box out so that it will remind everyone about the genealogy project.

Clothing, hats, shoes, scarfs, birth certificates, marriage certificates, scrap books, old hidden items in storage, records, videos, and anything of interest.

It's amazing how fast the box will fill with interesting items that can start everyone thinking about other items to add.

Research is the best way to find pertinent information of passed relatives. It's also good to find your records and certificates for future generations. Collecting items that will relate to the genealogy project can be fun.

A family night project once a months would help fill the box with more information ad articles. Family stories of family members and relatives is always interesting. Information of where families lived and what it was like is always interesting. The stories of grandparents and great grandparents is also fun to hear.

Any history of the family is also a fun topic. American Revolutionary War, Civil War, and other War stories are also good topics of family interest. The Census information online is also fun to bring up in discussions and research.

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